Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy's 2013

The Emmys were on last night and, of course, the main thing I'm interested in is the dresses. And I have to say, I was definitely left a bit disappointed. It seems like every couple of years there's a fashion lul where nothing looks too different than the previous year. It's kind of expected and a bit  boring. And this was one of those years. So with that said, here were my favorite looks of the night.

Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren

Linda Cardellini in Donna Karan Atelier

Mindy Kaling in George Chakra

Maria Menounus in Zac Posen

Mayim Bialik by Oliver Tolentino Couture

Michelle Dockery in Prada
Okay, so after I've put all my faves together, I noticed a trend. I'm digging the bold rich colors this year. Getting bored of the pastels. My best dressed are Michelle Dockery and Mindy Kaling. These were not my faves at all, but somehow they've grown on me. My favorite thing about Michelle's dress is the bottom where the it's just short enough show off those gorgeous sandals. As far as Mindy's, I like the neckline and it just seems so flattering on her. Looks effortless.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Im back...2013 trends

How long has it been?? Yeah, I don't remember either...
Let's get back into it. Eid is coming up again soon. What are your favorite hijabi trends for the fall?
Here's a few of my faves that could possibly be inspiration for eid outfits as well.

2013 trends

First of all, I'm loving the rich jewel tones. You really don't need much styling, just pair them with any neutral color and they speak for themselves. So luxurious and exquisite.
Colorblocking is another big trend. Just need to be careful where the lines hit so they don't make you look too choppy. I love the sweater above, it's effortless style, my favorite!
Notice a plaid comeback? Don't like all plaid prints but I am liking this plaid shirt dress. I like that the fabric is not so stiff looking. It wouldn't be so heavy with pants underneath. I've noticed shirt dresses that are cut a bit shorter on the sides looks more flattering with pants.
Another big thing is the military inspired look. It can look too tough at times, so make sure to keep those feminine touches.
Thanks for reading! 

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